Open Caskets is a Grindhouse styled web series created by Dark Hour Films and SpinQ Studios. With 5 episodes already shot, the series will be released soon.


Rushing Death

Filmed for the annual 48-hour film festival, Rushing Death was a tough test for our crew. Shot in the Malibu hills.


A young college freshman is forced to stay at a “haunted” cabin for the night as an initiation and soon realizes there is more than ghosts in store…



InsidesĀ isĀ a dark, creepy indie horror short that emphasizes atmosphere and dread, with psychological chills and visceral terror. All the FX in the film are practical, and the entire production cost less than $1,500.


Two women, each with a strange scar that they can’t remember getting, fall ill after having violent dreams involving an ominous tunnel. They soon begin to suspect something is controlling them, something alive, inside their bodies… “They live within!”



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July 27, 2017