SpinQ Studios is an award-winning media company based in San Pedro, California specializing in perfecting the art of storytelling. We understand that our clients are the primary component to that and we work hard to meet their specifications. No matter the medium, our films, from music videos to commercials, ensure the goals of the client.

We believe that the limits of cost should not limit your vision. Our talented staff will be delighted to discuss how, every step of the way.

Founded in 1999 as a family affair, SpinQ Studios has come a long way since. Though we have a wide array of experience, we currently focus on transforming promising ideas into innovative stories. However, what’s remained the same is the inspiration we receive from working with ambitious individuals and creating honest projects through film and other mediums.


Tim Guzman – Creative Director

As the founder of SpinQ Studios, Tim Guzman has been part of new media for over 15 years. Originally a photographer, and while attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Tim became fully invested in the film world after producing and being a cinematographer on many award-winning shorts.

Tim’s passion is being behind the camera and as a cinematographer and director; he can create through the lens stories through pictures.

His latest short film, similitude, has gained acclaim and garnered many awards throughout the world.

Contact Tim: tim@spinq.com


Oscar Guzman – Creative Director

Oscar Guzman is a co-founder of SpinQ Studios. Alongside his brother and partner Tim Guzman, he has created films, photography, periodical publications, and game design projects. Performing such roles as a cinematographer, writer, director, actor and designer, his latest endeavors include lead roles in “Dreamer,” written and directed by Rick Tolson and “Sweetheart Shift,” co-written and directed by Tim Guzman.

Oscar has a passion for expressing himself through multiple forms of media such as film and digital. After receiving his Master’s from Boston University, he decided to continue his educational pursuit. He is currently enrolled at Pepperdine University’s Doctoral program in Learning Technologies and teaching at Cal State LA where he plans to use his degree for writing and filming projects that promote entertainment and education.

Contact Oscar: oscar@spinq.com


Ruandy Albisurez – Lead Photographer

Being a creative photographer for over a decade, Ruandy Albisurez has gained experience in commercial, sports, and portrait photography.

As a Los Angeles, native and currently enjoying life in the Pacific Northwest, Ruandy brings a different viewpoint to SpinQ Studios – mixing the PNW culture with a California vibe, allows him to create imagery that is unique and special, gaining attention from various foundations including Red Bull.

Ruandy joining SpinQ Studios is very exciting – giving us a fresh perspective on all our future projects.

Contact Ruandy: ruandy@spinq.com